Cordoba C3M

The Cordoba C3M full size classical guitar features a solid Western Red Cedar top, Mahogany back & sides in a matte finish. Handmade in the traditional Spanish style, its fan …

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Tanglewood TWCE2 Electro Classical

Tanglewood’s TWCE2 Electro-Classical features a Sitka Spruce soundboard and Mahogany back & sides enabling it to capture a striking, authentic Spanish tone. The cutaway of the instrument lends an air …

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Yamaha CX40 (Electro Classical)

Since its launch in the early 1990’s the C40 has gradually amassed a wide range of industry awards and is now firmly established as the instrument of choice amongst guitar …

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La Patrie Arena Mahogany CW QIT

The La Patrie Arena is a series of handcrafted thinline nylon string guitars that boast features and playability that up until now have been unheard of in a nylon string …

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La Patrie – Etude

The Etude is the most popular model in the La Patrie lineup. The Etudes specifications match those of the Motif but with a full size body. Incredibly responsive thanks to …

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La Paitre - Presentation QIT

La Patrie – Presentation QIT

SOLD: The La Patrie Presentation QIT electro classical guitar features a solid Cedar top and solid Rosewood back & sides and crafted from top quality tone woods to produce instruments …

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Godin Multiac

Godin Multiac Nylon Encore SG

SOLD: The Multiac SG Encore is equipped with custom electronics by Fishman. This easy-to-use Blendable Dual Source System features an under-saddle transducer, as well as an acoustic soundboard transducer; both …

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Lowden S25J

Lowden S-25J Jazz

SOLD: Designed so that it would feel very comfortable for classical and steel string players alike. The neck has enough width to facilitate the nylon strings but at the same …

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